Fresh, Local, Organic

Fresh, Local, Organic

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Our Story

Our menu is created with health in mind

Cafe Pyrus is dedicated to using fair and sustainably sourced ingredients. We use organic, local produce as much as possible, and are committed to using sustainable and reusable packaging. 

Our goal is to help make the world, our community and our customers better- one meal at a time.

Our costs may be a bit higher, but we feel it is important not to poison our customers or planet for a profit.


Stuff your face, Save the Planet!

We get it, your team is hungry.

You need a lunch to fuel the minds that are changing tomorrow. We've got you covered.

Not only will you get fresh amazing food, featuring real, local and organic ingredients, choose us for your lunch and your team will:

Save over 5000 Gallons of Water vs Choosing a beef burger platter

Help Save the World one lunch at a time! 

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